Oklahoma City is a place where culinary cultures meet and merge. There’s practically every cuisine to try and enjoy here. So, we had a hard time picking the best restaurants. We hope we did a good job – you be the judge.

Tsubaki Szechuan

This restaurant is right next to Super Cao Nguyen, the biggest Asian market in the city. It is an outstanding addition to the city’s Szechuan scene. Among its specialties are soup and chile oil-drenched dumplings, but we also love the garlic chicken, sesame beef, and scallion pancakes. Traditional, yet unique desserts like fried sweet potato cakes and herbed jelly keep regulars coming back.

Coffee Jerks

This no-frills coffee shop became popular instantly after opening next to Rococo in the quarter of Camelot Bel-Aire. The small, but satisfying menu has all the usual coffees and some less so, like Guatemala coffee beans. There are also some caffeine-free options like fruit shakes, a hot chocolate freeze, and many types of tea.

Neighborhood J.A.M.

Neighborhood Jam is the latest addition to the Hal Smith Restaurant Group’s eateries in the city, others being Redrock Canyon Grill and Mahogany Prime Steakhouse. Jam is the best place for brunch bar none. Locals flock for the grits, shrimp dishes, pineapple bourbon cakes, and an amazing version of eggs Benedict.

St. Mark’s Chop Room & Bar

This recent addition to Oklahoma City’s steakhouse scene has just six tables, so you better book early. Celebrity chef Jonathan Stranger specializes in ribeyes, wagyu beef, tenderloins, and pan-seared rotating special cuts. The restaurant buys meat directly from a local vendor, so they’re able to offer excellent quality of beef raised in the area at affordable prices.

El Fogoncito Mexican Restaurant

We were hard-pressed to rank the best Mexican eatery, and ultimately settled on El Fogoncito, lying at the heart of the modern Paseo Arts District. The 50-person dining room is almost always full. Regulars keep coming back for the pork dishes. What’s the secret? The pork is marinated for a few days before being grilled on the spit roast and sliced into warm tortilla stacks. Enjoy a vegan soybean ceviche if you’re not a big meat fan.

MMR Prime Steakhouse

This trendy steakhouse features classics like rib eye and filets, but also unexpected delights like grass-fed, locally raised bison filet and Iberico grilled tenderloin. Every dish is beautifully paired with the right wine.

Holey Rollers

This former food truck has developed into a brick-and-mortar bakery featuring a wide variety of morning foods, including house yogurt and clever English muffin sandwiches. The truck is still roaming the streets and selling the best donuts you ever had.